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Premier Body Armor

Never Compromise Safety, Security, or Life. The Premier Durus 8000 Complete Steel Body Armor Systems have arrived. Revolutionary Multi-Curved for Comfort. Steel Ballistic Plates for Multi-Hit Protection. Super Thin. Light-Weight. Therefore The Best Protection You Deserve.

Premier Body Armor also offers Wilder Tactical MOLLE Accessories in an effort to help you develop and adapt your tactical kit or duty uniform to changing hazards and environments. Wilder Tactical Accessories give you the ability to change your loadout on the fly. From rifle and handgun magazine pouches to the universal tourniquet tactical accessories that are all designed with the operator in mind. Exacting craftsmanship, precision engineering, and our trademark attention to detail ensure superior utility and lasting durability on all our accessories and attachments. These accessories will allow you to optimize and personalize all your Premier Body Armor systems.


Tactical Carriers and Vests


The Best Protection. Second To None.


Premier Body Armor provides the complete steel body armor system to defend against enemy threats including handguns, shot guns, and high-powered rifles. In addition, all of our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. at our headquarters in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Premier Body Armor was founded in October 2013.

While the company is new, we have spent the past 20 years engineering and manufacturing armor for tactical vehicles and have become a leader in innovation for this industry. Our customers have included the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the United States Marine Corps (USMC), North American and International OEM’s, private security industry, government agencies, as well as the Department of Defense.

Using our armor fabrication and design expertise, we have created the Premier Durus 8000 NIJ Certified Complete body armor system. As a result, this revolutionary body armor system includes the only steel plate in the world with a multi-curve design.

Especially relevant is the unique curvature that provides the ultimate comfort along with the superior multi-hit, Level III plus protection. It is also extremely thin, at only 5mm and lightweight. An 8”x10” shooter’s cut plate weighs only 4.01 pounds. The Premier Durus 8000 is the best bullet resistant armor system in its class.

In an ever-growing violent and threatening environment, we at Premier Body Armor, truly believe that our law enforcement officers deserve the very best in personal protection. Most of all, Premier Body Armor systems are affordable and reliable. We believe that our customers should Never Compromise and have the protection they deserve.



PF 100_no bleeds


Officers shot and killed in the line of duty in 2016
Officers were assaulted while performing their duties in 2015
Total law enforcement officers died in the line of duty during the past 10 years
Law enforcement officers lives saved by Armor Vests over the past 30 years


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