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What makes us different?

We are where science and technology meet the frontline. We use a space-age, super steel to make our Durus 8000 body armor. At only 5mm thick, it is the thinnest, lightest, and strongest steel body armor on the planet!
Twenty years of experience in the manufacturing of armored vehicles, bulletproof vests, and plate carriers has aided us the development of a patented process that allows us to form this super steel to the SAPI curvature standards set forth by the US Department of Defense for the production of their ceramic plates. Not only is this curvature unheard of in steel body armor, it was unimaginable with this type of steel, until now...Our bulletproof armor is built like a tank...literally!



Bulletproof Vests


Plate Carriers

Premier Body Armor

Premier Body Armor provides the complete body armor system to defend against enemy threats including handguns, shot guns, and high-powered rifles. All of our bulletproof vests, plate carriers and other products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. at our headquarters in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

Premier Body Armor was founded in October 2013. Although the company is new, We have spent the past 20 years engineering and manufacturing bulletproof armor for tactical vehicles and have become a leader in innovation for this industry. Our customers have included the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the United States Marine Corps (USMC), North American and International OEM’s, private security industry, government agencies, as well as the Department of Defense.

Using our armor fabrication and design expertise, we have created the Premier Durus 8000 NIJ Certified Complete body armor system. This revolutionary bulletproof body armor system includes the only steel plate in the world with a multi-curve design. The unique curvature provides the ultimate comfort along with the superior multi-hit, Level III plus protection. It is also extremely thin, at only 5mm and lightweight. An 8”x10” shooter’s cut plate weighs only 4.01 pounds. The Premier Durus 8000 is the best bullet resistant armor system in its class.

In an ever-growing violent and threatening environment, we at Premier Body Armor, truly believe that our law enforcement officers deserve the very best in personal protection. Premier Body Armor systems including vests & plate carriers are affordable and reliable. We believe that our customers should #nevercompromise and have the protection they deserve.